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  Taiwan Standard & Poor's  (S&P CO LTD for short), has been established for 20 years. In the early stage, it mainly focused on international trade business, specializing in the sale of bulk materials and raw materials, and sales in the triangular trade model.


The contacts are mainly foreign Knauf Group, Singapore JTC government reclamation town, China Tsingshan Holding Group, Shougang Group and domestic listed companies.

The operating items include domestic and foreign import and export trade. The main business is natural ore, limestone, gypsum, silica sand, cement clinker and other related raw materials. The targets are Sinosteel Group, Taiwan Cement Company, Happy Cement, Runtai Group, Xin Big Cement, Global Cement, Zhonglian Capital and other large enterprises. There is also shipping business, and its partners are: Siwei Shipping, Yousheng Shipping, Xielong Shipping, as domestic and foreign business transportation. In March 2013, in response to the request of Zhonglian Capital to establish an enterprise body in China, Taiwan Standard & Poor Co., Ltd. was established, and the head office was established in Taichung City.

  Taiwan Standard & Poor’s Co., Ltd. is led by General Manager Yang Wanjing. The company organizes business department, product department, quality control department, technology department, shipping department, accounting department, etc. The company’s finances are sound and its business is stable In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the foreign trade business has been reduced, the domestic business territory has been expanded, the production industry has been touched, the circular economy has been promoted, and the operation has been stabilized, moving towards sustainable management and endless growth.


After the company obtains the right to operate privately involved cases, it will invest in relevant construction and operation according to the bidding commitments, provide diversified services, abide by contract specifications, pay royalties on time, operate legally and qualifiedly, and establish good partnerships with public departments. To implement the policy objectives of the government to introduce the business creativity and vitality of private enterprises, and to improve the operational efficiency and service quality of public construction.


We firmly believe that the only way to protect consumers is to abide by the relevant regulations and operate legally and qualifiedly, which is also the long-standing persistence and commitment of Taiwan Standard & Poor Co., Ltd.

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